Welcome to the home page of Habitat P.L.U.S., Inc.  HP is a non-profit organization serving psychiatrically disabled veterans.

To provide interim and transitional supportive sober housing to psychiatrically disabled veterans, who would otherwise be homeless, and to provide program participants with information and advocacy to access existing service programs.  The goal for program participants is to maintain stable housing.

Dear Friends,

Habitat P.L.U.S., Inc. is a non-profit providing supportive housing to psychiatrically disabled veterans, who would otherwise be homeless.  This unique housing option was created in memory of my cousin, Stanley J. Egan, who was killed in action in Vietnam at the age of nineteen.  After sustaining this terrible loss, I began to notice that a high percentage of the homeless population on the streets of our communities were veterans and more specifically, veterans with disabilities.

This fact made me ponder what Stanley’s fate may have been had he been fortunate enough to make it home.  Would living on the streets have been his reward for serving his country?  I could not sit idly by and watch those veterans, who had put themselves in harms way for our freedoms, be denied the most basic elements of dignity, such as a roof over their head and a hot meal in their stomach.

Therefore, Bernadette Forti, Co-Founder of Habitat P.L.U.S., and I set out to do something about this injustice.  Together we created this agency in order to help break the cycle of repeat hospitalizations and homelessness of these deserving patriots.  For nearly three decades now we have been providing veterans with the basic dignity we feel they have more than earned.


Susan A. Campbell